These simple Valentines are a version of the Recycled Collage Valentine we have done in the past and very easy for the preschool age. We always have items stashed to recycle into creations and I am on a quest this year to use more of our own collection of supplies before buying new material. I’ve been collecting the coffee sleeves for a while now. I almost always use this for my coffee and tea and highly recommend it, (it’s pricey, but I use it everyday) but along the way I have collected a stash of sleeves just waiting for the right creation. (Note: on the thermos I linked to above I have the brushed with the cafe lid).



IMG_4094 IMG_4095 IMG_4096


Using a template (or freehand) draw hearts as large as you can fit on the sleeve. These are all a bit different in size so fit in as many hearts as you can. Cut out the hearts and let your little one add the detail. The hearts are small (mine were about 2-1/2″ x 2-1/2″ each) but the perfect size for a little one to add on some layers. The pencil eraser stamping is fun for little ones but they could also just use a brush. When the paint is dry let them add on some buttons and maybe some ribbon and your recycled valentine is complete. The backs were too graphic to add a signature so we just glued a separate sheet on the back with names.

Have a great week!