Happy Monday.

This warming tonic is a year round routine for me, but it’s especially warm and nourishing in the winter months.  Lemon has so many benefits for cleansing the body, as does the cayenne and raw honey. I started this after I went to a workshop on Cooking in the Ayurvedic Kitchen with Kate from San Fran Shakti and I’m so grateful of what I learned during the workshop for warming and invigorating my chilly body during the bitter cold midwest winters. (side note: today is almost 5o degrees, but I know the bitterness will return). We recently had some very dear friends move to San Francisco, so hopefully I’ll have the chance to visit and take another workshop with Kate.

WARMING TONIC | lemon + cayenne + raw honey

1 c. of hot water

juice of 1/2 lemon, saving the other 1/2 for the next day

a small sprinkle of cayenne pepper ( and I mean SMALL, it doesn’t take much to feel that fire)

small drizzle of raw honey, approx. 1/4 t.

I usually warm my water in an electric kettle and then let it cool before adding in the lemon, cayenne, and honey. If I’m in a rush, I’ll add in a little cooler water to the boiling and then add the ingredients. If you add the lemon and the honey to the boiling water too many of the healthy nutrients will break down from the high heat. I also sip this tonic through a straw since the acid from the lemon may, over time, break down the enamel on the teeth.

It’s pretty simple and a great routine to start the day aiding digestion and the absorption of nutrients from food, cleansing the organs, and boosting metabolism.

here’s more on the benefits of adding the cayenne

Enjoy the week!