PLACE is a collection of designs, thoughts, and inspiration for a creative and intentional lifestyle.

I grew up in a small town in Kansas, which provides a deep rooted appreciation for hard work and handcrafted solutions.  I received my formal design education in Boston and after a successful career in commercial design returned to the Midwest with my husband and children to be near family.  I love variety and my other creative endeavors have ranged from creating a line of hand-crafted greeting cards that were distributed nationally, a line of widely published commercial office furniture, and a line of organic garden seed kits that were sold through Anthropologie. The creation of numerous products allowed me to express my creativity while my children were younger and now I’m able to apply this extensive knowledge to help others.

Design inspiration comes from everyday life, but having a few classics to fall back on doesn’t hurt. Guiding inspiration for our home came from Australian Architect Glenn MurcuttCharles and Ray Eames, and most all Midcentury Scandinavian design.

Design and creativity is woven into our everyday family life.  My own home that I designed, along with my husband, 8 years ago has been an evolving canvas to test new ideas, incorporate new materials and push the boundaries on affordable and sustainable design. Our home has won numerous awards and been published extensively in local and national periodicals.  This overwhelming response has confirmed my belief that people desire carefully edited and thoughtful design solutions.  I’m humbled and excited to share my point of view with you.


Place / blog is a collection of thoughts, inspiration, and designs for a creative and intentional lifestyle.

Previously, I  blogged focusing on NESTING, CREATING and NOURISHING through creative moments at home with my children. These posts are still available to view but the emphasis is shifting towards designing mindful spaces that tell a story through the products and finishes selected.

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