We have had a couple of snow days here and this has been a super fun way to add a watercolor filter to some of our photos using the Waterlogue app. Inspired by this recent post from Poppyhaus, Jack and I decided to experiment with some of our snowy pictures and a few other favorite places. What a great way to use technology artistically. The boys are working on taking photos of some lego creations right now that should make some great colorful canvases to watercolor. Jack had so much fun taking some of these snow pictures and they all love to see how the photo transforms to a watercolor. When a photo starts filtering in the app you can see the different layers of technique. First the drawing, then  picking colors, wetting brushes, then painting. I am hopeful that this will inspire some real life watercolor art too. It seems like landscapes and larger blocks of color work well. Facial details did not turn out as well, but I love the silhouettes of the kids.


A photo Jack took looking out our windows


A panoramic photo Jack took of our forest covered in snow.

IMG_3991 IMG_3990

Throwing snow in the air

Painted in Waterlogue

Emma the snow angel


A recent visit to the Missouri river for rock collecting


On the coast of Cinque Terre




St. Francis Basilica in Assisi


The Flint Hills of Kansas