Well, all of our grand plans of making and baking this week are far from happening!  Sickness has taken over our home and we’re SLOWLY coming out of the fog.  Fortunately we have had lots of cuddle time which is way more important anyway.  After the tragedy that occurred last week, I am so overly thankful for my time with my beautiful family.  Sickness will pass.

I hope you are able to take the opportunity to slow down and cherish this special season with your family. One activity that we were able to sneak in was to make our own wrapping paper with materials found around the house.  All you need are brown paper sacks, paint, and string.  I have a collection of paper bags from those times when I forget to bring my cloth bags to the store and they are perfect for a craft like this. View this tutorial for more details on string painting, although it is pretty simple to understand just by looking at the images above.

have fun creating and giving!

– julie