Well, the glorious sun is melting our snow away today … hooray!!  We did have some fun exploring and making snow ice cream with our mounds and mounds of fresh snow (+ our fair share of snowballs thrown in faces … how do boys never tire of this?). This super simple recipe for kids to make is sweetened with maple syrup and is really good with thick and creamy coconut milk. We’re more than ready for spring time weather, but if it happens to snow on us in March we’ll certainly be making this again.




MAPLE SNOW ICE CREAM adapted from this recipe from Teaching Mama

8 cups fresh snow

1/2 cup maple syrup

1 t. vanilla extract

1 cup milk (coconut, almond, or whole milk  all work well)


Mix maple syrup, vanilla, and milk together and keep cool in the freezer (or set outside) while the kids collect fresh snow.  Let the kids add snow to the maple syrup/milk mixture and have them stir until mixed (takes just a couple of minutes). Scoop ice cream into serving bowls. DONE. Easy and SO GOOD!



I absolutely love our backyard/forest when it snows. We always go on a search for animal tracks and usually after a few days of snow on the ground we can just peek out our back windows to see trails of tracks the animals have made. The pictures above were taken on a ridiculously cold day so we didn’t last outside very long and as I get older I don’t seem to tolerate the cold very well either. The boys also discovered that riding the zipline is super fun with a 2′ cushion of snow to land in.