Nourish the ones you love this holiday season with one of these homemade gifts above.  The mulling spices, pinecone fire starters dipped in beeswax, and the Christmas in a jar are great ones to make with your children.

Mulling Spices | Good Eggs

Beeswax Pinecone Firestarters | Imagination Childhood

Gifts from the Kitchen | Bon Appetit

Christmas in a Jar | Dandee Designs

Plus, this roundup from the Kitchn is a great resource for finding homemade gift ideas!


Above are a couple of great free printables to complement your homemade treats.  The jam labelizer is fantastic ( you may even want to whip up some jam just to be able to use these customized labels).

Make your own jam labels | Jam Labelizer

Free printable recipe cards | Love vs. Design


– julie