These might look a bit familiar.  They are the same leaves I used for printing the Thank You gift tags a few weeks back.  I love incorporating natural materials into holiday decor and these are very simple to make.


A variety of  pressed leaves (thin leaves work better with this because after pressing the leaf onto paper you roll it slightly to slip it into the glass bulb.  Wide leaves and ones with a lot of points are harder to slip into the glass bulb.)

4″ Clear glass bulb ornaments (I found mine on sale at a local Hobby Lobby)

White acrylic paint + paint brush

Brayer (these work well, but are not necessary. You can also just use your hand to press.)

Brown kraft cardstock (The weight of the cardstock works well, it seems to helps the print lay on the inside of the ornament nicely)

First select your leaf.  The leaf I used for this was 4-1/2 inches long, but just experiment with sizes. Paint the backside with white acrylic.  Lay painted side down onto craft paper and then lay a scrap piece of paper over it.  Either use your brayer or your hands to press, making sure you press on all areas of the leaf. This might take several tests to get the print you like, but this is the fun part!  You can keep repainting the backside of the leaf with paint as long as it is a sturdy leaf. When you have a good print, let it dry.  After the print is dry cut around your design and roll with painted side to the outside and slip into the glass bulb.  It should lay on the inside of the glass, but you can also use a Qtip to help press it to the side.

To make this an even easier craft, use leaf stamps and white stamp pads to create your designs.

 Involve your children in the collecting, painting and pressing of the leaves and maybe make some homemade woodland holiday cards while your supplies are out.


– julie