Seedlings in eggshells from the Fox in the Pine.

I have seen this wonderful idea so many times but have never followed through with it.  I think this is the spring for it.  My daughter loves cracking eggs and planting seeds, so this sounds like the perfect morning craft for us. I also love the tray that she bought from Anthropologie (not sure it is available anymore), but here is a great one from Fish’s Eddy. We hard boil eggs for easy breakfasts and brunches and this would be a great addition to our kitchen collection and for holding the seedling shells.



This lovely spring craft project, the Egg Carton Vase, is from Family Chic. I recently read this article about Camilla on Momfilter and really like her simple crafting + decorating ideas, mostly reusing household items. This would be such a great arrangement for the kids to make for the dinner table and especially at Easter!!

– julie