Easter is the perfect time to incorporate some family crafting time.  Some of these projects would be great to create together.  Buy materials and place them in an easter basket with an image of the craft and enjoy making together with your child.

1. Bunny finger puppets from the Purl Bee
2. Bunny hand puppets from the Purl Bee
3. Crepe paper carrots from Martha Stewart crafts dept
4. Wooden eggs from Applenamos
5. DIY finger puppet kit from Kata Golda.  I just saw these on sale at Fab.com

more crafting ideas
Egg cozy (via Bloesom Kids)
Easter bags from the Purl Bee

more giving ideas
Children’s Easter playset from the Brown Pearl
Ukranian egg dyeing kit from Magic Cabin
Beeswax eggs from Nova Natural. These would be great to decorate with colored beeswax sheets also available from Nova Natural

Enjoy the glorious weekend!