As the snow covered the ground we busily started planning our spring garden.  In the past our kale, hearty lettuces and swiss chard have actually done well with a light covering of snow. They love the moisture and are very cold tolerant. Try planting some seeds now in a pot outside and see what happens. The boys started making their lists of the food they want to plant as they perused the Bakers Creek Heirloom Seed catalog. Here is a previous post listing a couple of our favorites.



They are planning to keep a garden journal this year so they can jot down notes on what grew well and what did not, plus what veggies were super tasty that they would like to grow again. I am hoping the journals will include some of their recipes too!  James concocted a sweet and salty cinnamon dressing for his greens that was quite tasty and he ate that salad every day for a week.

Children really love to experiment with what they grow.

Also, if you want a quick tasty green to grow with kids try growing these microgreens.  They are fantastic added to a healthy wrap or pasta dish for a healthy school lunch.

happy garden planning!

– julie