A nesting series pairing an interior image for inspiration that includes a recycled detail or vintage/reclaimed furnishing + color palette inspiration for paint, textile, and accessories. Images for color palettes may include the work of an artist, a textile, or a natural environment.

I am mixing in more of the NEST portion of Five and One with this new series, since before staying home with my lovely children my background included Interior Architecture and Design and Furniture Design. I will be focusing on featuring ideas for blending recycled and reclaimed furniture and finishes to complement the modern home. 

I pretty much love everything about this interior vignette on the left (via casa tres chic). The mirror, the mix of vintage and antique furniture, the creamy white interior, and the lovely view to the outdoors. A nice addition to the color palette would be a rich blend of blues like the colors in these hand painted Rebecca Atwood pillows. I really like the exposed brass zipper and the natural cotton/linen backing paired with her hand painted designs. Take a look at more of her lovely handpainted designs and creative process here. She also posts design palettes and creative inspiration on her blog that are incredibly inspiring.

– julie