A nesting series pairing an interior image for inspiration that includes a recycled detail or vintage/reclaimed furnishing + color palette inspiration for paint, textile, and accessories. Images for color palettes may include the work of an artist, a textile, or a natural environment.

I am mixing in more of the NEST portion of Five and One with this new series, since before staying home with my lovely children my background included Interior Architecture and Design and Furniture Design. I will be focusing on featuring ideas for blending recycled and reclaimed furniture and finishes to complement the modern home. 

I know it has been awhile since I have posted any inspiration for the home. Mostly because my days are spent outdoors with the kiddos, in the garden, or in our own kitchen cooking together. The summer schedule does not allow as much time for blogging but, better yet, more time for family experiences. I wish I could share them all with you but that is just not in the cards at the moment. It is just way too great of a summer to be spending it indoors at a computer.

Since a great amount of my time IS spent in the kitchen I do have an affinity for nicely designed ones. For this recycle + color post I chose a dreamy kitchen with what looks like a wall of reclaimed wood contrasted with a glossy white  finish on the cabinets. The copper accents and lighting blend in nicely along with the vintage stool. A painting like this one by Yolanda Sanchez would add a punch of summer color into this monochromatic glossy white space and the color combo is so refreshing. View more of her paintings here via booooooom.

Elmwood, located here in Kansas City, is a great resource for reclaimed flooring and paneling. Take a look at their website for more inspiration.

kitchen image found via wit and delight.

happy weekend!