Advent is a very special time for us to connect as a family. The kids are really excited about our daily and weekly acts of kindness jars to kick off this advent season. I really like the idea of taking focus away from the “wanting” and “asking” for gifts and channelling that energy on giving kindness and offering happiness to others.

This is such a simple Advent activity.

I printed 24 acts of kindness for each child and cut them into strips.

Folded them up and placed them in a glass jar.

Add their name and have them choose one each day.

If you have a stocking for Jesus, the children can add their strip to the stocking when it is complete and it will be full of spiritual gifts for Jesus by Christmas.


I chose acts that they could easily do the same day, catering a few acts based on the age of the child. For example, keeping the acts very simple for a three year old (say something nice to your daddy, or pick out a couple of items of clothing to donate to another child). For an older child an example would be to write a thank you note for someone that has done something nice for you lately.


Many of the acts take a little assistance and a little more time like baking for others, taking food to a food bank, deciding on a charity to donate money to, or taking greeting cards to children’s hospitals and nursing homes. I decided that we would have a weekly acts of kindness jar that we pick from to work on as a family for the week and not be rushed to complete it.

Here is a list from Saia and Chago to get you started, but also come up with your own based on the ages and personalities of your children, picking acts that will help them grow in their kindness towards others.  Many of these acts can be used as opportunities to talk with your child about the way they can show their kindness in special ways.

I would love to hear about some favorite traditions that you share with your family to offer kindness and happiness to others. Enjoy this special time connecting with your family.

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Have a wonderful week!