I woke up on Mother’s Day to a great note on our bedroom window from the boys and then more creative notes wrapped up (they worked so hard).  They truly nourished my day with yummy food and  lots of love. It started with a great breakfast of eggs and basil, lunch at a favorite local love, you say tomato, where I chose breakfast yet again and tried their breakfast flatbread with country gravy potatoes, eggs, and cheddar. YUM!  By the way, they also make a mean bierock. As much as I love to cook, it was a welcome treat not to lay a hand in the kitchen.  We finished with a beautiful feast, courtesy of my husband, on the terrace as the sun set.

Merrilee’s,  I lovely love my family print (above) pretty much sums up my feelings for my family.  View more at her blog, mer mag, which has some great family crafts. (you may remember some of her valentine craft’s I have mentioned)  A couple of her newest are DIY Animal Masks, and Animal Circus Trains.

Did I forget to mention the chocolates!! Yes, they all went to Christopher Elbow Chocolates, another local love, and hand picked flavors.  They are all listed below, but the lemon is a new one and it did not make it to the photo.  Just had to savor that one right away.

– julie