Ahhh… the school routine begins, but the summer bounty is still being harvested.  It’s great to be back sharing with all of you!  A couple of family favorites we’ve enjoyed growing are the Chinese red noodle bean and the black zebra heirloom tomato.  Be sure to look for them at your farmers market if you aren’t growing them yourself.

chinese red noodle bean

black zebra heirloom tomato | also called christmas tomatoes in our house

  Both are delicious fresh off of the vine and the 15-18 ” noodle beans are so fun to watch grow.  We like to let ours vine up a teepee made of bamboo. The kids actually prefer to pick the beans and eat them immediately … so the beans have not made it into any recipes except for the following, which is so simple to make.

Chinese red noodle beans with sriracha sauce

6- 8 long noodle beans ( or as many as you have)

1 T. sesame, coconut, or olive oil

1 T. sriracha sauce (or sweet chili sauce)

1 T. raw honey

warm oil in pan, chop beans into 3-4″ lengths, sate with siracha sauce for a few minutes.  it’s just that simple!

{these are great cold the next day mixed into a soba noodle salad with peanut sauce }

This bean can be found at Baker Creek Heirloom seeds.  Look for black zebra seedlings next spring or start them indoors from seed.

As mush as I adore Caprese salad, I was experimenting with a new way to prepare our heirloom zebras and this recipe is super simple and refreshing.

Black zebra feta salad with zested lemon + basil

2-3  black zebra tomatoes

2-3 T crumbled feta

1 t lemon zest

2 t chopped basil

olive oil

Slice tomatoes, top with crumbled feta cheese, sprinkle the lemon zest and basil on top of tomatoes and cheese, then drizzle with olive oil.

Enjoy … julie