I am posting a new favorite breakfast idea for a few dear friends that are taking processed foods out of their diets. The recipe link below is a basic chia seed pudding recipe that is great on its own and very satisfying, but can be enhanced in so many ways by adding one or more of the following ingredients…

 avocado, dates, nuts, chopped fruit, shredded coconut, or cocoa powder

Chia Seed Pudding | Food and Wine | cooking note : I replaced raw honey for the agave nectar in this recipe.

Making almond milk | Oh She Glows | store bought almond milk can be used in the recipe above, but if you would like simplified ingredients this homemade version is the ticket.

Also, Bona Food Magazine has some super tasty unprocessed food ideas and their current issue has some great breakfast recipes. Take a look at their current issue here. Be sure to browse their past e-magazines for more healthy recipe ideas.



Below are images from a previous Issue of Bona Food Magazine with more great Breakfast recipes.


Hope you enjoy some of these refreshing ideas for starting your day and nourishing yourself and your family!!