FINALLY … this year we had elderberries to eat from our backyard and they were so good picked straight from the shrub. Unfortunately, we had a tree fall on one of them, so not sure we can save it for next year. We don’t really have enough yet to make many recipes, but planning to try out this recipe for an elderberry shrub. Elderberry is great for boosting immunity, so lucky us they ripen just as school is beginning and germs are swarming. We also buy this elderberry syrup Sambucol, that’s great for boosting immunity and soothing sore throats, and have found a local kansas company, Wyldewood Cellars, that makes an elderberry concentrate that we also love.

IMG_1329 IMG_1328

Explore growing some elderberry shrubs in your own yard or forage for some in the wild. (just be sure to know the difference between elderberries and toxic berries. Eating them when fully ripe and cooking them first is also advised). They are very easy to care for, but usually don’t produce fruit for a couple of years after planting.

– Julie