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Catherine of Folio Marketing and Creative took some incredible shots of the The Mill Inn + Cafe and many of the details and found objects throughout. She captured the feel of the whole project beautifully and has an amazing eye for details. It’s been fun to use her great photography in some of the recent marketing materials for the Inn + Cafe, like the one above. This photo is the perfect backdrop for our Logo. Love them all Catherine! She’s very passionate about working with businesses that are making an impact and her work for her clients tells their stories so well! 

 BELOW ARE WORDS FROM CATHERINE’S COMPANY WEBSITE and I couldn’t agree with her more! This truly is her philosophy.

It’s about passion.

The entrepreneurial spirit, when combined with passion and a strong work ethic, is the foundation of many ground-breaking businesses. Without it, there is no progress.

Whether it be running the family farm, pushing a cause forward, helping children in developing countries or striving to protect our environment, fm&c believes that optimizing socially responsible businesses is the means to a truly healthy economy.

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