NEST … CREATE … NOURISH |favorites lately

These two dishes made a recent road trip a little more enjoyable! I actually made this curried hummus and the quinoa salad to take to our family’s Easter celebration but since Emma was under the weather, we weren’t able to make it for Easter. Instead we packed it the next day for a spring break road trip to Florida. I was sad we weren’t able to enjoy time with our family, but felt amazingly over prepared with food for our trip. Most of the time I take a recipe and deconstruct it or make changes along the way, but for these I actually followed along and they were fantastic!


Both recipes are from Sarah at My New Roots in a post, ironically, called Recipes and tips for healthy travel.

Black Bean Quinoa Salad w/ Cumin Roasted Carrots and Curried Hummus 


Sharing a favorite moment of spring from our backyard. So much work to tackle, but I love capturing these pawpaw blossoms. Last year we had none, so I’m hoping for a better paw paw season this year.


2nd ferment kombucha brewing from the recent class by Stephanie at Well Bellies and Babies. I added in ginger and strawberries and anxious to try it out later this week!!


have a great weekend!