UNBOUND … forming a relationship through charitable giving.

This past spring we made a family decision to sponsor a child through Unbound, an organization founded in Kansas City 35 years ago. Their model of connecting people is so powerful and has formed lifelong relationships. We made our first contribution and received a letter (with excellent penmanship) that we cherish from Sailen, a 9 year old boy from India. We pray for Sailen and his family daily and the kids send him letters describing our life here in Kansas City.  Forming this relationship with Sailen has also inspired us to learn more about life in India.


The following words from Unbound captures the essence of their mission and why this is such a great family focused charity to be involved with.

“Unbound sponsorship is about individuals and families helping each other. It is a connection between someone who wants to give help and someone who needs it. Unbound sponsorship lifts people up — both the sponsor and the sponsored — in ways that are large and small.


“Families make the best decisions about how to overcome the challenges they face.”

“Small groups of people working together build lasting support structures for a community.”

Read more about their approach to building better families here

The founders Catholic faith formed a deep sense of respect for people and their potential and that was the catalyst of how it all began. They’ve implemented a small group model of connecting families within the communities by developing support networks. I think most mothers can agree how important it is to have a support network to work through family and life struggles. Mothers in these communities are the primary caretakers for their children and they’re using their strengths, working with other mothers, and the support of the unbound small group connections to make positive changes in their communities and for their families. 


A cherished letter and artwork from our sponsored child, Sailen ( The original letter they write is sent and then they also have a copy translated by Unbound)

Enjoy reading more about Unbound and consider sponsoring someone through their program. They sponsor elderly individuals as well as children.